What’s for breakfast?

I think you can tell a lot about a place from its breakfast, I also happen to be a pretty big breakfast fan. Dig into these posts to discover what’s on the local breakfast plate in different parts of the world.


Meetha paratha in Bangladesh where it's sometimes a breakfast treat.

What’s for breakfast in….Bangladesh?

A mood altering and ghee-ful breakfast awaited me in Bangladesh, where when the parathas are good they’re very good. Parathas ...
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A plate of tarkaris with boiled egg.

What’s for breakfast in…Nepal?

Breakfast in Nepal? Hmmmh. It's complicated. Disclaimer: Ok, so right off the bat I have to say that breakfast-wise Nepal ...
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Dal pakwan crisp breads

What’s for breakfast in….North India?

A light breakfast was not something I managed to find in Northern India; here things tend to be hot, heavy ...
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Sagu dosa in Mysore

What’s for breakfast in…South India?

A lot of South Indian breakfasts revolve around the theme of fermented batter – steamed or fried into some tasty breakfast ...
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What’s for breakfast in…Sri Lanka?

Breakfasts in Sri Lanka are like the country's landscape - bright and fresh and scattered with coconut. There are also plenty of ...
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