A bowl of jok - thai rice porridge - with a boiled egg, chilli flakes and sping onions.

What’s for breakfast in…northern Thailand?

For me, breakfast in northern Thailand was all about comfort food. And laughing grannies. Pa Tong Go and soy milk ...
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Buuz, khuushuur and suutei tsai on a table in Mongolia.

Food and mood · how what I eat affects how I feel

What happens when, try as you might, you really don’t get along with a country’s food? That’s pretty much what ...
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Egg buns cooking in metal molds in Bangladesh

Eating in Bangladesh: making connections through food

The edible highlight of my time in Bangladesh was a Bengali New Year’s Day lunch with new friends. The lowlight; ...
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Meetha paratha in Bangladesh where it's sometimes a breakfast treat.

What’s for breakfast in….Bangladesh?

A mood altering and ghee-ful breakfast awaited me in Bangladesh, where when the parathas are good they’re very good. Parathas ...
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A plate of tarkaris with boiled egg.

What’s for breakfast in…Nepal?

Breakfast in Nepal? Hmmmh. It's complicated. Disclaimer: Ok, so right off the bat I have to say that breakfast-wise Nepal ...
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Dal pakwan crisp breads

What’s for breakfast in….North India?

A light breakfast was not something I managed to find in Northern India; here things tend to be hot, heavy ...
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Sri Lanka: King of Coconuts

Food is often a good barometer for understanding a country. When it comes to certain foods passions run high, on ...
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Sagu dosa in Mysore

What’s for breakfast in…South India?

A lot of South Indian breakfasts revolve around the theme of fermented batter – steamed or fried into some tasty breakfast ...
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What’s for breakfast in…Sri Lanka?

Breakfasts in Sri Lanka are like the country's landscape - bright and fresh and scattered with coconut. There are also plenty of ...
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