Sandwiched between two behemoths, Nepal has a laid back charm about it. Snowy Himalayan vistas combine with forested hills to create a trekker’s paradise and Buddhist stupas strung with prayer flags splash the landscape with colour. Life in Nepal doesn’t move fast, but that’s just fine.


A plate of momos in Nepal.

Eating in Nepal: beyond dal bhat

Think that Nepalese food is just dal bhat and momos? Well that’s simply not true. I ate my way through a ...
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Mardi Himal Sign

Trekking in Nepal: the trail to Mardi Himal

In March we headed for Mardi Himal, a newish and (supposedly) less well trodden trail than some other Annapurna trekking ...
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A plate of tarkaris with boiled egg.

What’s for breakfast in…Nepal?

Breakfast in Nepal? Hmmmh. It's complicated. Disclaimer: Ok, so right off the bat I have to say that breakfast-wise Nepal ...
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