The exotic and mesmerising giant of South Asia with a rich history and a fast moving present. It’s colourful and chaotic and frustrating and fascinating all at the same time.


Walking through the Great Rann of Kutch salt desert

(Mis)Adventures in salt land

The story of an adventure through India’s largest salt desert, that didn’t quite go according to plan. Our journey began ...
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Sunset over Hampi.

Hampi: the myth and the reality

Hampi looks like a giant film set, a pile of rocks transformed into a wonderland of epic proportions. But sometimes ...
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Dal pakwan crisp breads

What’s for breakfast in….North India?

A light breakfast was not something I managed to find in Northern India; here things tend to be hot, heavy ...
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The Nilgir Mountain Railway Train.

The slow train to Ooty

Ooty is the “Queen of the hill stations” and the best way to reach her is on the quaint toy ...
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Rolling tea hills of Munnar.

Kerala: backwater wanderings

Kerala is one of those places that gets romanticised as a land of tranquil backwaters, sweeping coastlines and fragrant tea ...
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Flower petals scattered outside a temple in Maduari

Madurai: a trip to temple town

Madurai, one of India's oldest cities, is a town of impressive technicolour temples and deep rooted Hindu tradition, with the usual ...
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The flag of India

My love/hate relationship with India

Ever had a love/hate relationship with a person or place? Well that's India and me. It's one of the most ...
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Fireworks for Diwali in Chennai

Celebrating Diwali on the streets of Chennai

During Diwali streets around India are illuminated by fireworks, sparklers, laughter...and smoke. This is a snapshot of my of experience celebrating ...
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Sagu dosa in Mysore

What’s for breakfast in…South India?

A lot of South Indian breakfasts revolve around the theme of fermented batter – steamed or fried into some tasty breakfast ...
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