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Travel Tarte – travel infused with food.


Who am I? Truth be told I’m not sure how to answer that. Let’s start with the easy bit, I’m Sue and I’m from the UK (phew). I’ve done various things over the years from studying Italian to working in a string of jobs that didn’t really fulfil me, to studying Anthropology of Food, a field of study I absolutely love. Along with my interest in food, the only constant over the past decade or so has been my love of travelling. I’ve been lucky enough to visit some amazing places over the years but always had to squeeze my travel into work holidays. In 2016 I saved up some cash and headed for the road and longterm travel (so cliché I know).

Travel Tarte serves up slices of life from around the world: stories about the places I’ve been, the people I’ve met and food focused pieces on ingredients, meals and ideas that I encounter along the way. As a food anthropologist (and human being who generally loves eating!) I have a section of posts dedicated to food and food culture, exploring life across the globe through the lens of food.

My style of travel often keeps me off the more well-trodden tourist path. I try to seek out lesser known places and love to discover interesting stories about the people I find there. I visit more touristy places too, there’s always something interesting to be find, you just need to employ a little creativity to escape the crowds.

Currently, I live life out of a 65 litre 46 litre backpack (no even less room for impulse purchases or souvenirs) and in budget accommodation or, in emergencies, the trusty tent (glamorous, I know).


Published writing

I’ve had my writing published with National Geographic TravellerRoads & Kingdoms and Adventure.com

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